Nonviolent Surrender

“Okay, that's it. I'm done and all. Please have Your way with me.
“No longer will I strive to find my way on this life's sea.
“Of course I want the dreams You gave, and hope for significance,
“But over are the my younger days of mistrust and happenstance.
“I'm sick of finding my own way, for I am blind and frail.
“Tomorrow would be yesterday if I wrote my own tale.
“So since I live within Your world, a member of Your cast,
“Take this, my life, my everything, my future and my past.
“No longer do I wish to strive to make my life turn out.
“I'm sick of everything that fails, and how I always doubt.
“So, instead I wish to give You me, so I no longer choose the road.
“I give You worry, apathy, and You take with that my load.
“So God, I've found my many plans just bring me stress and fear.
“I give up them and the rest to rest in knowing You are near.
“You give and take, but take to give, so here my life is laid.
“I guess because I'm overwhelmed I do not feel afraid.
“Yes, yesterday I would have run, as I have since I was born,
“But tomorrow is another year, but my youth I do not mourn.
“I'm happy with where I have been, but now I must move on.
“I could not bear to end today with evening not a dawn.
“In every trial that awaits, I wish not to be the judge.
“In this, my life, I don't do well in cleaning out the sludge.
“So when problems fly so thick and fast, remember I am dead.
“Rescue me with Your great love, and lift my weary head.”

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