The Lure

I can not say with sadness what saddens me to say,
For night and dark around me stifle Freedom's day.
A pull does pull me onward. I go, I know I do,
But still within me's fighting the spirit of me New.
It sickens me to think it, but how I long to think.
The darkness is a horror, and yet I do not blink.
I welcome it with open arms and ask it then to go.
But whom am I now fooling? Me? But I do know.
I will not say I hate it, but I hate it all the same.
I love it every moment, but hate it that it came.
Oh God, You must now save me. Oh Lord, please hear this plea.
A soul is seeking freedom, and such a soul is me.
The whisper of the darkness does lure me to my doom.
But here I press against it, and here I make my tomb.