The Tragedy of Love Fulfilled

I met you yesterday
And everything you'd say
Was great and fine and dandy, all the same.
Somehow along the way
We both started to stray
And now I hardly know you, so I'd claim.
We used to spend all day
Talking like it was May,
But winter's come upon us, and it's lame.
It seems the price you pay
Is high, and so is grey
The joy of playing in this high stakes game.

And if love will bring us closer
Then time will part us further
If we ever find this love fulfilled.
Thus this tragedy:
When e'er a girl love me
I find eventually this love is killed.
And so must be reborn
The love which we have sworn
For frail the human heart has now been stilled.

You once meant more to me
Than anything I'd see,
And Beauty would have been your middle name.
But now that we are free
It seems we'd rather be
Apart or separated, such a shame.
Forgive insanity
For finding that, well, we
Were happy when before it was we came.
And so distressedly
I sing this simple plea,
Asking once again that we be tame.