I see just what I'm looking for, so wonder if it's me.
The eye of the beholder held all that it would see.
Mistrust I do, but is it true that lust is what it be?
Or is it mine and so the line points back and not at thee?

I want, but is it my wanting that makes you seem so lewd?
You ride an edge I can not hedge, and so must I be shrewd.
I can not say what I would say--that would betray the feud--
And so I watch you follow her; and so I sit and brood.

You never used to run about. I never saw you shout.
But since she came it's not the same so bring I my doubt.

I fear for you. I fear for her for she is dear to me.
You tread upon a sacred place I feel you should not be.

So much can not upon a page be placed without display
Of what it is that I believe goes on here everyday.
If it's just me and what I see I would be wrong to say.
But if my fear is far too near I'm wrong to silent stay.

You leave me in a place of rage, mistrust, disgust, and scorn.
I know not what to think or do, and so here am I torn.

I write these words to comfort me if all goes ill or not.
But if you are as I suspect, please know that you are caught.