Humanity is Frail

How can I now say to you anything but lies?
All the pain you bear is borne in your frightened eyes.
And thus I mouth the words again, somehow I get them out,
But deep inside I'm struggling to not just scream and shout.
I must refrain from killing things, from breaking things, from pain,
For given just an instant more I would have gone insane.
Repression is my way of life. Emoting is unfair.
And even if I did emote, you can't stand what's in there.
I cannot really be myself, or say what's on my mind,
But then again, I've never been considered to be kind.
So sulkily I silently sit here and pour forth rage
Upon a simple canopy, a spotless, perfect page.
Deep within my inner parts the bile rises swift,
And thus my head instead has said, 'These curses are my gift.'
Oh how does man get up again from such a night as this?
Even now I feel repulsed just thinking of a kiss.
It sickens me, it makes me ill, to ponder joy and peace
Because of how the hell has grown and darkness never cease.
How do we rise from this place? How dare we greet the dawn?
Unbearable is this our life, yet all I do is yawn.
For this, or something like it, men will beat their wives.
For this, or something lesser, girls will sell their lives.
For this, and nothing greater, all hope is lost or sold.
For this, and nothing further, we try to grasp and hold.
But too much time has penned away, and so I take my leave,
Leaving us no proper stance, and leaving us to grieve.

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