I Don't Belong

'To write of even better love.'
A thought I cannot bear.
Yet still within my inner mind I feel this shove in there:
'You must somehow express this pain,
'For joy is far less sweet.'
And so I write these nonsense words, without a gain to meet.
'You love, you fool, and far too well
'To not express its whole.'
These moments of frustration come from Hell and tortured soul.

'Please bear in mind and bare your heart.'
I would if I knew how.
“You hold my eyes but every time from every start to now.”
'Decry the way we love and cry,
'For glad are lover's tears.'
I cannot say for anything how much I've tried these years.
'You are a fool, a hopeless mind,
'For you cannot yet say:
' “I'll love you with my everything, and find a way to stay.” '

If I could cry a well of tears,
Or scream like mythic bird,
I would begin to show the way our fears are never heard.
This pain, it burns like one insane
Does writhe when loosed of chains.
These words begin to fall again into what page contains.
No more to write in this sad song,
For flow has failed this pen.
And so I'll say with confidence, “I don't belong again.”

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