I taste you on the summer air when you pass me on the street.
I try to look into your eyes while not letting our eyes meet.
Your form, your face, your hair and hands captivate my mind.
And expression satisfactory I know I'll never find.
Yes, beauty pure, unbridled held within your shoulders soft.
So salute your prettiness; to that my hat I've doffed.
The tears are hiding behind my eyes, vast oceans to yet spill,
But they will not be shed at all, or at least until
I find a way to sing or say what in my heart and head
Has waited longing, ever long, to finally be said.
I want you not, so fear me same, but beauty I desire
Not like any lustful flame, but like Heaven's perfect fire.
My mind implodes into my soul as feelings explode like stars.
Every relationship ever had now looks to me like scars.
You hold a thing outside my grasp that I was once meant for,
And to this day, in every way, that thing seek I restore.
What it is I do not know, for never have I held
What God intends for us Above once sin has been dispelled.
So bear with me, yes, all of you, for I must bear this weight:
The crushing blow of sinfulness when glimpsing something great.

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